The Painter's Guide To
World War Two Naval Camouflage

Trying to paint accurate WWII naval camouflage schemes can be very frustrating. A book might devote a few of its hundreds of pages to talking about one class' camouflage schemes, but it has a $50.00 price tag, and won't tell you which paints to buy to get the best color match. While the U.S. system is orderly and well-documented, the best books for the British and German systems are long out of print. The Japanese didn't care much about camouflage, and didn't take notes. Although bits and pieces of naval camouflage information have been available to those with money and time to spend, no publication has ever documented all the national systems in one inexpensive book, in modler's terms. Until Now!

The Painter's Guide to World War Two combines descriptions of the most important schemes and techniques of the American British, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and other navies into one neat document. Written for model ship builders, The Painter's Guide provides the answers to "What paint colors should I use and in what patterns should they be applied?" The measures and schemes described in this volume may be applied successfully to ship models of all scales, but particularly to models in the 1:2400, 1:1200, and 1:700 scale range.

The Painter's Guide to World War Two Naval Camouflage has been prepared by Patrick Hreachmack, a noted ship miniature modeler. Pat has extensively researched color matches with the manufacturers and camouflage authorities and has produced over one hundred and twenty drawings to illustrate the many schemes he describes.>

The Painter's Guide to World War Two Naval Camouflage is a must have book for anyone interested in accurate naval paint schemes. A steal at $21.95

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