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Trilogy 2012 Standard Damage Point Summary
Speed/Damage Calculator Excel spreadsheet
Missile Time on Target Excel spreadsheet

(Thanks to Timothy Drost)
Philippine Sea Aircraft Availability Calculator.

Suggested Reading List

Admiralty Trilogy Presentations

Bywater's War: Pacific Navies Between 1922 - 1939 (Historicon 2012)
China's New Navy (Historicon 2011)
Israel and a Nuclear Iran (Origins and Historicon 2010)
Midway - A New Look by John Parshall (Historicon 2006)
The Battle of Tsushima (Historicon 2005)
The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (Historicon 2004)
Cold War Scenarios (Historicon 2003)
Running Naval Games - Tricks of the Trade (Historicon 2002)
Torpedo Evolution (Historicon 2000)
Littoral Warfare (Historicon 1999)

China's Eagle Strike-8 Antiship Cruise Missiles (Cold Wars 2013)
Staying Power: Assessing the Damage Capacity of Ships (Cold Wars 2012)
The Venezuelan Crisis of 1902 (Cold Wars 2011)
Surface Torpedo Tactics (Cold Wars 2010)
The Trilogy Harmonization (Cold Wars 2009)
Variable Damage Effects (Cold Wars 2008)
The Naval Blockade (Cold Wars 2007)
Weapons Effects and Warship Vulnerability (Cold Wars 2006)
The Spanish Civil War at Sea (Cold Wars 2005)
Coastal Warfare in WW II (Cold Wars 2003)
French Navy (Cold Wars 2002)
The Russian, Soviet and Post Soviet Navy (Cold Wars 2001)
The Politics of Naval Warfare (Cold Wars 2000)

Persian Incursion - Adapting Harpoon 4
to Explorere a Real-World Security Issue
(Connections '11)

Harpoon Studies

An analysis of the attack on the Israeli corvette Hanit in 2006
PLA Navy Towed Array and Acoustic Decoy Analysis

Harpoon 4
Harpoon4 Blank Ship Forms
Harpoon4.1 Annex Errata
Harpoon4 Expanded CH Table
Harpoon4.1 Rules Errata
Sea of Dragons Errata
White Ensign Errata
Smarter Radars for Harpoon
New High Tide Maps
Automating Sonar Detection in H4
H4 Sonar Calculator
1950-2004 Soviet Naval OOB
Falklands Mission Planner & CRT.
Chinese and Indian ships and aircraft counter sheet.

Command at Sea
Command at Sea Blank Ship Forms
Command at Sea 3rd edition Rules Errata
Command at Sea 4th edition Rules Errata
Command at Sea 3rd edition Jump Start Rules
Command at Sea 4th edition Jump Start Rules
Command at Sea 4th edition Expanded CH Table
Rising Sun Errata
Supermarina I Errata

Fear God & Dread Nought
FG&DN 1.1 Ship Damage Points
FG&DN 1.1 Damage Rules
FG&DN 1.1 Damage Rules Errata
FG&DN Startup Battle
Fear God & Dread Nought Blank Ship Forms
Fear God & Dread Nought Errata
Fear God & Dread Nought Expanded CH Table
Jutland Form 10s Errata

Dawn of the Rising Sun
Wireles Range Capability Table
Searchlights Characteristics Table
Dawn of the Rising Sun Ship Form

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