Grand Tactical Rules For The 2nd Italian War
of Independence



1859 - Grand Tactical Rules for the 2nd Italian War of Independence. Miniatures rules for multi-corps battles with 6mm, 10mm or 15mm figures. Designed for fast, accurate resolution of battles: several divisions to multiple corps per side. Streamlined turn sequence; simple, proven command and control system; straightforward resolution (three tables). Armies compatible with "1870" rules.

Entire game played from two four-sided cheat sheets.

  • Suitable for 6mm, 10mm and 15mm basing systems; 1 inch = 100m; 1 turn =30 minutes.
  • Includes 14 historical battle scenarios (7 in Italy, 7 in Denmark), each with several historical variants.
  • Extensive historical notes, military chronology, and complete Orders of Battle for entire war.
  • Annotated bibliography of over 90 entries.

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