Clash of Arms News

01-03-19: New, lower prices for Mighty Midgets and Baltic Arena! Check out the Command at Sea page.

12-24-18: Triumph of Chaos V2 is available for Paypal pre-orders. Check the homepage!

Fires of Midway, Jena, The Devil's to Pay and La Bataille de Moscowa are back in stock.

02-22-2018 Only ziplock versions remain of La Bataille de Moscowa. Get one before they are gone.
Update 04-08-18: for now they are gone.
Update 20-04-18: And the boxless version is available again.

12-31-2017 The pre-publication price offer for BAR"Mollwitz" has expired. The good news is that this means the game is on its way to your home!

12-30-17 Only boxless copies of the BAR game "Monmouth" are available now at a reduced price. Take a look and get one while supplies last!

12-08-17 Last copies of Close Action and 1807: The Eagles turn East are about to be sold....

10-23-17 Mollwitz & Chotusitz are available for pre-order using Paypal.

08-15-17 More info about Mollwitz & Chotusitz, the new BAR game.



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