Clash of Arms News

03-20-21: We have some limited amount of BAR Monmouth available! First come, first serve..

10-19-20: Flint & Steel is available again!

08-01-20: Errata is available for Wings of the Motherland

Latest errata for Triumph of Chaos V2 is available.

01-01-20: CoA wishes all their customers and their families a Happy New Year!|

12-29-19: Wings of the Motherland is available for purchase using Paypal.

10-16-19: BAR Monmouth is now Sold Out, Achtung Spitfire! last bagged copies have been sold and finally, La Bataille de Moscowa is Sold Out.

10-03-19: BAR treasure! CoA has reprinted a limited amount of copies of Frederick the Great's most famous famous victory: Leuthen.

08-21-19: Ed is at it again and found some more goodies in the warehouse. Approx. 100 boxless Jena! copies are waiting for their new owners.

07-16-19: Tally Ho! Ed found some more parts and maps for Achtung - Spitfire! Unfortunately no boxes. This is your last chance to defend Old Blighty and to fight "them" with growing confidence and growing strength in the air..

07-08-19: Clash announces not 1 but 2 new games: La Bataille de Mont.St.Jean and Wings of the Motherland. Check out the In Progress page.


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